Saturday, January 23, 2016


There always seems to be that one person in our lives who continuously hurts our feelings. They will say and do things that truly hurt our feelings. However, in their minds, they have done no wrong. Recently, a family member hurt my family's feelings. When I called out the family member and told her that she hurt us, her response was, "Oh well, it's in the past." No apology was given, and she will never give us an apology. 

I invited this family member to my family's home for Christmas dinner. She has come to every Christmas dinner at our home for the past seventeen years since my Dad passed away. Well, this year, the family member never even returned my phone call. Christmas came and Christmas went, and she never even called my son to wish him a Merry Christmas while he was home for Winter break from college. So, my little family of three celebrated Christmas alone this year. 

This family member depends on my family for everything, and when she hurts our feelings, she thinks nothing of it. She feels that my family should continue to do for her like we have always done regardless of how she may hurt us. She will never apologize, and she just keeps moving forward like nothing happened. I will never receive an apology for her ignoring my family on Christmas. I have to accept an apology that I will never get! 

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