Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011


If  you are lucky enough to have a true friend or a few true friends, then you are truly blessed in your life. Our friends are the people who help us through our troubling times throughout our lives. "A true friend walks into our life when the rest of the world walks out of our life." A true friend will know when you are having a rough day without you even having to say a word. A true friend will recognize when you need a shoulder to cry on. Value your true friends, because they are priceless!

What kind of friend are you? Are you a true friend who is there for others during their times of need, or are you a fair weather friend who only takes and never gives in return? Are you there for your friends if they needed to talk to you regardless of what time of day or night it might be? Friendships are a give and take opportunity. Are you putting in the same amount that you might be taking out of the relationship. For instance, do you always expect your friends to be there for you when you need to talk to someone, but whenever they need to talk to someone, are you too busy to take the call? Be there for your friends, because that is what friends should do for each other. 

Value your true friendships, because we are only guaranteed the time we have now! Never take your friendships for granted! 

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