Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3, 2011


As many of you already know, I have been trying to find homes for my cats, because my family is facing some very huge changes in our near future. We are planning on selling our home in order to downsize to a smaller piece of property, and we have decided that the stray kitties that we have taken in over the years will need to be given to new homes. Since these kitties have been part of our family for the past year and a half, I have become emotionally invested in these little critters. However, I know deep in my heart that finding them new homes will be the best thing I can do for them. Even though it hurts for me to think that they will no longer be part of my life, I know that providing them with new homes is the best thing I can do for them.

Today, I found a home for a couple of my kitties, and I had to make sure that I delivered them to their new owner right away, so that I would not change my mind and want to keep them. So, I gave them a bath, and I took them to meet their new family. At first, I was fine with leaving them and walking away, but as the night wore on, I found myself worried if I had made the right decision. Tears started to stream down my face, because of uncertainty that they would be cared for in the right way. I know that their new family will take care of them, because the lady told me how heartbroken she was that she just had to have her own kitty put to sleep because he became ill. My pain came from not wanting to let go and to accept the fact that I was doing the right thing.

Sometimes doing the right thing can bring us pain, but if we sit back and analyze the situation, we will soon learn that we are making the right choice. Sure I would love to keep all my kitties, but I know that trying to fit them all into smaller surroundings is unfair to them. The choice that I am making to find them new homes is the best thing for them. Just because something may hurt our feelings and may bring us pain, may be the best decision for the other party involved. I will just have to have faith that tonight my kitties are all cuddled up together in their new home, and this is the best decision I could have made for them even if my heart was breaking a little while ago. 

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