Thursday, August 25, 2011

August 25, 2011


Our memories in our life can either bring us pain, or they can bring us happiness. The memories I want to discuss today are our happy memories, or the memories that bring us joy when we think back to those moments in time. These memories help to shape our emotions and who we have become today. Our memories are part of our History, and there is no way we can escape them. These happy, joyful memories should be cherished and never forgotten. They are part of your life!

As I look back on my own childhood, I realize that I want my son to have better memories than what I had as a child. When my son was younger, my husband and I made it a point to take my son on a vacation to a different part of the country each year. For a while, we had set a goal of visiting each of the 50 states in our lifetime; however, our vacations have stopped in the last several years due to not having the funds to travel due to medical expenses and other debts that have accumulated in the past two years. I think so far we have traveled to 20 of the 50 states. Even though it will be a long time before my family will be able to experience another vacation, we have made memories with each other.

Those memories that my husband and I provided my son will help to shape my son into the man that he will become. Those memories will help to shape the way he wants to celebrate different occasions in life with his family if he chooses to have one which I am sure he will. Our memories help to shape us into the person we have become today! Cherish your memories because they will always be part of who you truly are!

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