Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 6, 2011


How often do you complain when we are given a rainy day? Today it is raining in my hometown, and as I was reading posts my friends had made on Facebook, I realized that most of them were complaining about the rain. Immediately, I thought the rain we are receiving today was and is a true blessing, because we have not had rain in months. Well, we did have a shower a few days ago, but nothing like today. The Earth was in such need of a good drink of water. Instead of dreading your rainy days, learn to love them just as much as you enjoy and love the sunny days that you are blessed with.

Do you ever sit back and look at the beautiful colors after a vivacious rain? The Earth just bursts with magnificent beauty!

Maybe you are thinking that the rain ruined your plans. Maybe you were planning on going to the amusement park with your family, but now you cannot because of the rain. Instead of looking at your situation negatively, look at it in a different manner. Maybe there was a good reason the Universe was keeping you from the amusement park today. Maybe you were saved from getting a really bad sunburn. Instead of being angry and upset, find something different to occupy your family's time. You could go see a new movie that you have been wanting to see, or you could spend the day playing board games with your family. 

Just remember that we cannot enjoy the beauty of a rainbow without dealing with the rain that comes first. Rainy days can be enjoyed just as well as a sunny day. It is still a day which is a blessing. Learn to dance in the rain while you are waiting for the storms in your life to pass. Love your rainy days, because it is still precious time that you will never get back! Learn to enjoy each of your days regardless if it is sunny or rainy!

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