Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 28, 2011


There are times when it is extremely difficult to keep thinking positive thoughts. Our minds have a way of wandering to different places, and those places sometimes bring us negative thinking patterns. For instance, as you all know in order to pay off some medical debt and other debts that have accumulated since my husband became ill nearly two years ago, my family decided to sell one of our prized possessions which holds some meaningful memories for us, our Thomas Kinkade Wizard of Oz painting. The one thing we asked our families to do for us was to just share the eBay link of the auction listing with their friends or even on their own Facebook profiles. However, the only family member who would help my family was one of my husband's cousins. Not any of my family members helped to share the link, and none of my husband's other family members helped us out. In circumstances like these, it is extremely hard to remain positive. It is very easy for our minds to start running off into the wilderness of negativity. The best thing you can do in times like these is to recognize immediately when your thoughts have turned negative and change them back into positive thoughts.

Instead of focusing on who didn't help us, I need to focus on the people who did help us share the link. I had a few friends on my Facebook page who shared, and numerous people on my blog page "Inspirational Sayings & Blessings" on Facebook who shared our link with others. Just because our immediate family members do not care about our well-being, doesn't mean that complete strangers do not care about us. I need to focus on the fact that there are some people in the world who still do care about others.

When you find your mind starting to go off on its own and when you realize it is taking you to a place you do not want to be, all you have to do is turn your thoughts around and travel in the opposite direction. Focus on the good and less on the bad. Change those negative thoughts into positive thoughts before they take you into a deep pit of despair! Keep changing those thoughts!

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