Friday, February 3, 2012

February 3, 2012


How often do you compliment other people? We should get into the habit of complimenting others on a daily basis! When we compliment others, we help them to feel better about themselves. We help lift their spirits if they are having a down day. We show them that we care. Even if we don't know someone we can compliment them. 

While I am at work, I try to compliment at least one person which is not hard considering I work at a public school. If I see a girl who is wearing a pretty shirt or sweater, I will compliment her. If I see a boy who has a cool super hero on his shirt that I think my son would like, I compliment him. If a co-worker is wearing something I find flattering, I again compliment that person. Most of the time when I compliment others, I receive a huge smile in return. I get a warm feeling knowing that I just brightened that person's day. 

Compliment someone today and brighten his or her day!!! It will put a smile on both of your faces! Compliments spread love around the world, so be generous when giving compliments. 

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