Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012


My mom is probably one of the most difficult people that I have had to try to get along with over the years. She is extremely negative, and it takes all my inner-strength to be around her. Today she needed me to go to the bank for her. She lives alone, so I need to do all her errands for her. As I was driving to her house after work today, I decided that I would invite her to my house for dinner tonight. I wasn't sure what her answer would be, because it is extremely hard to get her out of her house. However, I thought I would extend the offer, and to my surprise, she accepted. I decided to open my heart to people in my life who may difficult by changing my perspective of them.

I have to view why these people may be difficult and negative. Perhaps it is because they are lonely. Perhaps it is because they have had a hard life. Perhaps no one has ever taught them that they do not need to be angry every day of their lives. When I was with my mother today, I started talking to her about different ways of thinking including changing all negative thoughts into positive thoughts. I told her how powerful our thoughts are, and we can bring into existence what we think about all the time. Instead of getting angry from her negative remarks, I changed my perspective and tried to get her to look at things in a different light. Open your heart to difficult people! You might help to change their lives in a positive manner.  

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