Saturday, February 11, 2012

February 11, 2012


Do you hold expectations that you feel others should meet? Do you expect certain people to do certain things for you? Do you go into situations expecting the outcome to be one way or the other? There may come a time when we may have to learn to lower our expectations. For instance, just because we may handle a situation one way doesn't mean that other people will react like you may react. Just because you may be there for your friends when they are facing difficult times doesn't mean that they will be there for you when you are facing trying circumstances. There are other times when we need to lower our expectations, and that is when we expect something to turn out our way. We could avoid a lot of disappointment by lowering our expectations.  

Today I was disappointed again because of my expectations. My son wanted to go see the new Star Wars 3-D movie. Now, I don't have much faith in 3-D movies, because they never are what I feel a 3-D movie should be. Today I thought I would give this 3-D movie a shot. I expected George Lucas to be able to create a "real" 3-D movie; however, my expectations left me down once again. Now, I know to lower my expectations when going to see 3-D movies, because they just aren't what I think they should be. 

Sometimes we need to lower our expectations in order to avoid disappointment!

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