Friday, February 10, 2012

February 10, 2012


Have you ever acted more shy than what you are around people you just have met? Do you not act like yourself, because you are afraid that people will judge you and call you weird? This is how I used to act, but today I made up my mind to be myself. It is extremely important to be yourself, because people do not like imitations or people who act fake. 

In the past when I started a new job, I would not talk a whole lot, and I would have issues with trying team building exercises. Today at my new job training, I decided to let down my guard and be me. My teammates and I were doing an exercise where we had to act like children who had behavioral issues within a school environment. Since I have worked with these types of children, and I had an idea of how these children really act, I decided to be myself and to portray how I have viewed these children in action. Not only did my co-workers and I have a good time, and we shared a few laughs, but my instructor was pleased with the outcome as well. 

Be yourself! Nobody likes an imitation!!!

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