Friday, April 6, 2012

April 5, 2012


Are you traveling through life trying to find happiness? Did you ever realize that being happy is a personal decision one must make? For many years of my own life, I was searching for happiness. No matter what I did, no matter what I accomplished, no matter what I gained in material objects, I still could not find happiness. I poured my soul into religion and self-help books, but I still could not figure out how to be happy. Then one day, it hit me! Happiness is a personal choice that each person needs to make on his or her own! If you want to be happy you just need to simply be happy! It's as easy as that! Our circumstances are not what should determine our happiness. We need to just be happy regardless of what difficulties we may be facing. If you want to be happy, then decide to be happy!

April 4, 2012


Do you find yourself constantly saying, "I can't wait till tomorrow!" or "I can't wait till we get to go on vacation next month!" or "I will be happy when this party next week is over then things will finally get back to normal!" What you are doing is wishing your life away. Instead of enjoying today, you are anticipating tomorrow which may never get here, or by the time it does, the plans you originally had may turn out totally different. 

I found myself doing this very thing this week. I was wishing for certain things to be over, and it was robbing me of the joy that I should have been feeling in the here and now! Don't get so caught up in tomorrow that you forget to enjoy today!

April 3, 2012


Feeling inferior is exactly that "A feeling!" Guess what we can do with our feelings? Yes, we can change them! If you are feeling inferior, you are only feeling this way, because you are allowing yourself to feel that way! You might be thinking, "Well, you don't understand, because my family or my spouses family won't accept me." Well, friend, I can tell you that I totally understand how you feel, but you are the one allowing yourself to feel that way! Instead of feeling inferior or self-pity, look at the situation as their loss. If someone doesn't want to be your friend, they are the ones missing out. There is a big world out there with lots of people in it who would love to be your friend! Focus less on those who won't accept you and focus more on those who care about you. Don't allow yourself to feel inferior because of a few people. Move on!

April 2, 2012


Sometimes, we falter when we make decisions in life. There are times when we plan something that we think is the right thing to do then we later find out that we probably should have made a totally different decision. When this happens, chalk it up as a life lesson and learn from it. Everything we go through in life can be a valuable learning experience. I am going through this very thing! Now, I know that the plans I made, I will never make again! Live and learn!

April 1, 2012


Do you pretend to be someone you are not just to fit into the group? Do you pretend to like things that you normally would never like just so some people will like you? I used to want to be accepted by so many different people, and I would act a different way to try to get them to accept me. However, what I was doing was being a fool! 

Don't make the same mistakes that I made! I was a nerd growing up and while in high school. I was the good girl who got good grades, and I would NEVER bend a rule! Over the years, I got labeled as "goody two shoes." I was the girl who always got picked last, and even in my own family, I was sort of an outcast. So, when it came to me being accepted into different social groups once I graduated from high school, I sometimes pretended to be someone I was not just so people would like me. That is foolish!

I am fine just as I am!!! Never again will I play the fool!

March 31, 2012


How do you feel about yourself? Do you unconditionally love yourself like God does, or do you condemn yourself on a daily basis? It takes some people a very long time to accept themselves for who they are. I used to be one of those people! I can honestly say that I used to be my own worst enemy. I had this recording in my mind that I would play over and over every single day of my life. That recording went something like this: "You're not good enough!" "You're not pretty enough!" "You're too fat!" "You will never amount to anything!" "You should have never married your husband, his family hates you, and he could have done a lot better!" "Your husband would be better off without you in his life!"

Imagine trying to live a happy life with these self-abusing thoughts running through your mind daily. It's not possible! I was miserable every day! I was unhappy, and I seriously didn't care who I let know that I was unhappy and miserable! I used to be one of those people who had to "tell it like it is!" However, most of time I was wrong. What I had to do was learn to accept myself and learn to love myself! Once I learned how to do that, my life changed in miraculous ways! Learn to accept yourself, because you are awesome!

March 30, 2012


Do you know someone who is constantly fighting some sort of battle either personally or actually with another person? Do you know someone who is constantly gossiping about other people? Did you realize that if this person is talking about someone else to you, they are probably talking about you to someone else? These types of people always have to have some kind of chaos or drama surrounding them. Life isn't about drama!

I know what I am talking about, because I used to be one of these people. I was constantly getting sucked in to other people's drama filled lives. Do you know what happened to me time and time again? I became other people's scapegoat. Whatever I would say, those people would run to the people they were downing in front of me, and they would tell them every little thing I had said about them. Plus, most of the time, they would add things to what I had supposedly said. However, they would twist my words to make themselves look good, and they would make me look like an evil bitch from hell. Many relationships got ruined from me being involved with this type of drama. 

However, I did not want to live that way, so I had to walk away from the people who were constantly making me look bad. I had to turn my back, and I had walk away from some (what I thought were) close friendships. However, the only closeness was on my side, because those other people did not care about me at all! If they did, they would have never lied about me, and they would have never gotten me involved in needless drama! Life is not about drama, so don't get too caught up in it!

March 29, 2012


When you are out in public, what do you do when you pass by people? Do you put your head down and act like you and they are not there, or do you offer them a nice, warm, pleasant smile? Yesterday, everywhere I went, people were looking at me and it was like they were saying to me without saying a word that they needed a friendly smile. I gave every person I passed by a nice, friendly smile. Extend a warm smile to a stranger, it may be the only thing that brightens their day!

March 28, 2012


Starting over is a part of life that many of us have to face. We can either meet that challenge head on or we can run from it and cower from it. I encourage you not to be afraid to start over if that is what you need to do in your life. 

As you can see, I got behind on my blog. Very far behind! This happened to me a few times last year. I have two options: I can forget about my blog and never write it again, or I can pick up where I left off and continue to send inspiring messages all over the globe. I choose the later decision. 

When life gets you down, and you don't know what to do, start over! Don't be afraid to start again!