Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 11, 2011


How often do you say hello to people during the day? Do you pay attention to the people you are walking by in your daily journeys, or do you rush by not giving any particular thought to the people you are sharing the sidewalk, street, or hallway with? Does your job force you to have to interact with strangers, and do you have to say hello to them whether you really want to or not? As I am starting my new job, I am finding that I need to get into the habit of speaking to people again. Today as I was waiting for my new manager to show up at my  new job, I found myself having conversations with the people waiting in the dining room. I had a very nice conversation with an older man about the weather and about how we really needed the rain we received the other day. Say hello to the people you meet! You might brighten his or her day!

Some people do not have the privilege of interacting with many people on a daily basis, so sometimes the only smile or hello they may receive may be from a stranger. This stranger might be you! You may hold the power of bringing joy into someone's life even if it might be for a brief moment. Don't be afraid to say hello to someone as you hold the door for them. If  you get brave enough, maybe you could throw in a "Have a good day" along with that hello. Not only will you be making another person happy, but you may bring a little more happiness into your own life, so spread the joy and say hello!

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