Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 27, 2011


Today my family made a very painful decision to sell one of our prized possessions that brought us a lot of joy and happy memories. We have been thinking for a while about selling off some of our personal belongings, but we have been putting it off and struggling to get by. However, since my car accident nearly two weeks ago, we have been forced to make a decision quickly, because I no longer have a way to get back and forth to work which has left us without an income. Today I shed some tears over the thought of parting with a memory that is near and dear to my family's hearts.

This painting means a lot to my family, because we were blessed with the opportunity to have Patrick Kinkade (Thomas Kinkade's brother) hand highlight our artwork. The time we spent with Pat while he was highlighting our painting was an amazing experience that my family will never forget. Pat shared stories with us of how it was like for him to grow up with Thomas. He shared humorous stories that had my family nearly doubled over with laughter. Our time meeting Patrick Kinkade was a moment of pure happiness during a dark, troubling time of our lives. Seeing the joy and the smile on my husband's face that evening, after fighting a year battle of cancer, was amazing.

Even though my family will have to part with something that is dear to our hearts in order to pay our ever-increasing medical bills, we will always have the happy memories that this painting brought my family. Sometimes in life we are forced to make painful decisions, and sometimes we are forced to give up some of our prized possessions. We might have to part with the object, but there is one thing I will never lose and that is the memory of the joy we shared together that night spending time with Patrick Kinkade. It's ok if my family shed a few tears over parting with an object that brought us happy memories.

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