Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 16, 2011


The only reason you are reading this blog right now is because my life was spared yesterday by a miracle! Yesterday made me realize how precious each of our days really are and at any moment our lives can be taken away from us. When our lives are spared by a miracle, we suddenly realize what is important, such as our loved ones. The cars, the houses, the jobs, none of that matter any longer. The scariest moment of my life happened yesterday and realizing in your own mind that you are about to die while your car is spiraling in the air, is the most humbling and most terrifying experience one might ever face. However, God decided to spare my life, and He granted me a miracle!

As my car was rolling over and over, the only thought that kept going through my mind was that I was not ready to die, and I certainly did not want to leave my family! My husband needs me in his life, so I can take him to his doctor's appointments. My son needs to have his mom in his life. When my car stopped rolling, and I was able to get unhooked from the seat belt and crawl out of the car, I was struck with the sudden realization that I was extremely blessed that my son was not in the car with me during the accident. 

God grants miracles everyday! It is up to us to realize when he does. Yesterday God provided me with a HUGE miracle. He gave me another chance at my life. Each day is a miracle, so everyday that you wake up, you are being given a miracle. Love life, enjoy life, be present in your life, because it is a miracle from God!!! 

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