Friday, August 19, 2011

August 19, 2011


This past week left me alone and afraid. I felt myself in need of a true friend. Someone who would take the time out of their day to send me a text message, call me on the phone, or stop by my house to visit me while I was sitting here in agony with a throbbing headache that I have had since my accident on Monday. However, no one called, no one texted, no one visited. I did receive a few messages via Facebook; however, I don't find computer messages very personable. This week made me wonder if I am a true friend. Am I the type of friend that I would like to have?

To answer this question, I do believe that I am a good friend. I am one of those friends who will send you a card in the mail just because. I am the type of friend who will send you an email or message stating that I was thinking about you and I was wondering how you are doing. I am one of those friends who try not to forget about your birthday. I have even spent money that my family did not have in order to travel 900 miles to attend a funeral of one of my old friend's family members. However, I do not think that there would be anyone out there who would be willing to do the same for me.

If you find that you are lacking in the friend department, maybe you could show the people who mean a lot to you how you want to be treated. Send a card in the mail just to say "hi" or "I miss you." Call someone on the phone to check in on how they are doing (I lack in this department because I do not like talking on the phone). Send someone a gift on their birthday to show them how much you love them. If others are not treating you the way you want to be treated then show them how you want to be treated. Be the friend that you wished you had!

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