Saturday, November 23, 2013

November 23, 2013


As you know, I recently faced a health scare. During those six weeks of worrying and stressing, many lessons have been learned. If I would have walked away from such a difficult period, without a few valuable life lessons then the entire process would have been useless. Each trial strengthens us to face tomorrow. 

During my stressful health scare, I reached out to an old friend who recently stopped speaking to me due to myself having a different political perspective than she. My old friend did not want to hear my point of view, so unfortunately, she no longer wanted to be my friend. Well, since I thought I might be facing a life-threatening illness, I reached out to this friend; however, my efforts were pointless. She lashed out at me and told me that I was a manipulator who only wanted people's sympathy. Over the past few weeks since I have received her message, those words keep going through my mind. Am I a manipulator? Do I only want people to feel sorry for me?

Well, I'm not exactly sure about how to answer those questions, but what I have learned is that I truly do need to keep all my personal issues to myself from now on. What was the point of me telling my friends about my tumor? I can answer that. I wanted empathy. I wanted people to care. Looking to the past, it's a constant revolving door that I continually go around. I freak out about something stressful in my life. I try to come up with all types of crazy ways to handle the situation. Then I bombard my friends with MY problems. Problems that are none of their business and which they do not need to know. I truly cannot blame any of them for walking out of my life. If I had to deal with someone like me, I would walk out of my life too. 

So, I have to say that this little health scare was something I definitely needed to go through. I needed to learn that I am capable of dealing with my own issues. Everyone doesn't need to know what I may be facing. Sharing everything that is happening in my life with those on Facebook is a selfish thing to do. It is a thing that I need to stop.  It took a while, but the lesson finally sank into my mind!  

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