Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1, 2013


Well, I have to be honest; I feel a lot worse today than I did yesterday. I'm glad I listened to the doctor and my husband and took another day off work. You might be wondering...what are your symptoms right now? Nausea, light headedness, head ache, soreness. Seriously, it's not anything to be worried about, and I'm still glad I went through with the biopsy. Dealing with these symptoms is a lot better than not knowing whether the tumor inside my chest is cancerous or not. Even though I don't know the results yet, I know that they are on their way, and in three days, I will know if I can go on living my life as normal or if my family's life will be temporarily side-tracked until I get well again.

So, what am I thinking of at this very moment? Well, I am thinking about how some of my "friends" forgot all about my biopsy. I only told a handful of people about my biopsy and when it was going to take place. Only half remembered and messaged me to ask me how it went. Am I angry that the other half forgot? No! I know that some of them are going through their own struggles, and they have a lot on their own minds. Am I going to remind them about my biopsy? No, they do not need to be bombarded with my issues.

In the meantime, while I am waiting for Monday to get here, so I can finally get the results of this thing, I am thinking of different things I can do if this thing turns out to be cancer. The one thing I am thinking about is if I get a positive outcome, I will donate my hair to "Locks of Love!" If I am going to lose my hair anyway, why not donate it to help children who may be facing similar struggles. I just have to figure out if I have enough hair to donate. Ten inches is the minimum requirement to donate. I will have to measure it! Onward and upward! 

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