Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 17, 2012


Life is constantly teaching us lessons; however, we need to be able to recognize when life is trying to get our attention. We might think that we are having a stroke of bad luck; however, the Universe has something else up its sleeve. The Universe is trying to teach us a valuable life lesson! Are you awake enough to recognize a lesson, or do you go through life grumbling and complaining every time something "bad" comes your way?

My family has been hit with some pretty major issues in the last several years. We can allow these things to bring us down, or we can learn the lesson that life is trying to teach us. For example, when my husband was diagnosed with cancer, we could have allowed that to ruin our family. However, I have learned to look at the lesson that situation has taught us. We now understand how valuable and precious our time with each other is, and we know family is a wonderful blessing. We do not take our time with each other for granted any longer. Then in August, we could have gotten depressed and distraught when I was involved in that major car accident. However, once again we learned another valuable lesson. First we were reminded of our precious time and family, but this situation also taught me patience. I had to wait six months to replace our car, because financially we could not afford to buy another one. 

We can get angry when we are faced with difficult situations, or we can learn to look for the valuable life lesson. I have decided to do the later, and it is teaching me lessons that will help others in their daily struggles. Don't run from the lesson! Embrace it!!!

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