Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012


With my birthday being two days away, I have been sitting here pondering what lessons I have learned this year! I have to admit that 2011 was probably the best year I have had in personal and spiritual growth! I have learned many valuable lessons, and I failed at a few tests. However, if I did not fail at those tests, I would not have been able to learn in what areas I need work. With those failed tests, came the realization of how I needed to change in order to become a better, more caring person. 

You are probably wondering in what areas I failed. Well, I failed during personal attacks when people were degrading my character. I reacted harshly and with mean-spirited words instead of remaining quiet and walking away. However, those failed tests helped me to learn that I need not fight every battle that is brought to my doorstep. I learned that I do not need to entertain every drama event that I am invited to. I can simply say no thank you and walk away. 

During my 38th year here on planet Earth, I learned that I need not hold onto negative circumstances which happened long ago. Petty grudges and past hurts no longer have any kind of hold on me, so I released them into the Universe! I have learned that there are people in this world who will never like us no matter what we do or say to try to win them over to our side. I have learned that no matter how much we may have changed there will always be people out there who will judge us on who we were in years past. Someone will always look at us as if we are still that 18 year old immature girl with the big mouth.

I have learned what is important in life! The two most important things in my life are not things at all; they are my husband and my son! I have learned that life is precious, and we should never take one day for granted, because we are never guaranteed a tomorrow. At any moment, our life here on planet Earth may be over. I have learned to appreciate the simple things in life, such as a sunrise, a sunset, a flower, a warm breeze, the beauty of snowfall, etc. Most of all LOVE those who love us!

2011 was an amazing year! I learned more valuable lesson in this year than any other time period of my life! I thank God for the opportunity to celebrate another birthday! I look forward to all the new lessons I will learn during the 39th year of my life!!!

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