Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21, 2012


Do you feel like you go through life with a target symbol on your forehead and that everyone is aiming at you for personal attacks? Do you feel like everyone is coming against you and always finding fault with you? Do you feel like you are constantly trying to prove your worth to these people? Well, my friend, you might just be an easy target, and you do not have to stay that way! Stop being the easy target!!!

Throughout the years, I have had many people use me as their target for their personal attacks. These people have been close friends and close family members. Then one day, someone told me that people come against me, because I am an easy target. These people knew that I would not be able to handle their criticisms, and I would react in a negative manner. So in essence, I was giving away my power, my happiness, and my joy to these negative attackers. So, I was helping to feed their egos, because I was allowing them to get the better of me. So, I had to change how I react in negative situations.

How did I do this? I had to stop being the easy target! I had to stop becoming offended if someone made a rude comment to me. Has this been easy? Heck NO!!! I have even failed and not so long ago. Over the summer, I had someone attack my character, and I failed at how I responded. I should have walked away, but I did not. All I can do is learn from the situation, and remember that next time I am faced with this type of circumstance that I have other options to how I can react. I no longer have to be the easy target for these people who like to create drama and chaos! 

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