Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 25, 2012


Today is my 39th birthday!!! One might think that I would be depressed, since I am starting my last year of being in my 30's. However, I am just completely grateful that I have been blessed to be able to enjoy another birthday! I am grateful to spend my day with the two people I love the most; my husband and my son!!! 

Some people dread their birthdays, because they are becoming another year older. However, I was excited for my birthday this year!  I look at all the lessons I learned while I was 38, and I look forward to the many more that I will learn while I am 39! I have grown more this past year than any other year of my life!

I have learned to recognize my many blessings! I have learned that I can be happy regardless of whatever circumstance I may be facing! I have learned that I need not hold onto past resentments and hurts! I have learned that it is okay to forgive! I have learned to be thankful for what I have already been given! I have learned to rely on that little voice that lives inside of us and to listen to that little voice when it's trying to get our attention! I have learned to recognize second chances and to thank GOD for them! 

Birthdays are meant to be a celebration! A celebration of your life and for who you are and for who you have become today! You birthday is a blessing, so you should treat it as such! Enjoy your birthday! You only get one every year!

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