Friday, January 27, 2012

January 27, 2012


As I was walking into work this morning, my one boss looked at me and asked me how my morning was going. I responded, "Wonderful!" She laughed at me and proceeded to say, "NOT FOR LONG! YOUR CO-WORKER ISN'T HERE TODAY!" Then she smirked and walked off. 

Now, I could have allowed this negative comment to eat at me and to ruin my day. However, I simply hung up my coat, and I started my day with a smile. I got through my day unscathed with the help of another wonderful lady who filled in for my co-worker, and I ended my work day with an even bigger smile than the one I started with.

If someone gives you a negative comment at the beginning of your day, just let it roll off your back. Don't let if affect you in a negative way, because that is what the person who made the comment wants. These kind of people thrive on misery! You can usually tell by the smirks on their faces or the rude tone in their voices. Never give them the satisfaction of allowing them to steal your joy! Just put a smile on your face, and tell yourself that you will be happy no matter what these naysayers do or say! Always remember: Never allow the rude comment of one person ruin your day!

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