Friday, February 11, 2011

February 11, 2011


Have you ever become offended by words that someone may have spoken to you? There is probably not a person on this planet with the exception of a baby who has not been offended by other people's remarks. Remember when you were a kid, and adults used to say, "Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words may never harm you." I am sure that these adults meant well; however, words can cut like a knife, and these words can leave a permanent scar on your heart if you allow it. Don't allow these remarks to change the person who you really are! Brush off these rude remarks and move ahead with your life!

This past week has been a challenge for me concerning this topic. First, I received several messages from my neighbor voicing on my facebook wall about my family's stray cats pooping in her yard. She didn't just send one message, so the world could read. She posted three messages for my profile friends to read. Now, this all stemmed from a status update I posted saying I had caught the stray cats finally after a year of trying to catch them and was wondering if anyone would want one or would know where I could find them a home to live.

Then a few days later, the same neighbor posted a very rude comment about another of my status updates which asked my facebook friends to please say a prayer for a two year-old little boy from Florida who had to fed through a stomach tube. The little boy's father had contacted my husband through The Oley Foundation which helps people to find others who may need leftover medical supplies, such as feeding tube bags and formula. Since my husband had to be fed through a stomach tube for several months after his surgery, we had some extra supplies leftover. So, the boy's father contacted us and asked if we would be willing to send him our extra supplies. However, back to my neighbor, she stated that she hoped that this wasn't a scam. Now, all I did was ask my friends to pray for a little boy. I never asked them for money. I never asked them for help. All I asked was for them to send out a prayer to the Universe. However, this "friend" felt I was trying to "scam" people.

Now, I could sit back and digest these negative, rude remarks that my neigbor wrote all over my facebook wall, but I am choosing to ignore her comments. I am choosing to brush them off. I could send her a message stating how rude I felt her comments were, but what would that solve? That would only cause friction between my family and my neighbor's family. There is an important lesson in this situation; pick your battles wisely. Since I no longer want drama or battles in my life, I am going to brush off those rude comments and move on!

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