Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 14, 2011


Today is Valentine's Day, the universal day of love! As I racked my brain about what to write one word kept coming back to me over and over again: LOVE! If there is one topic to talk about today it has to be love, but what about love? As I started writing my blog, I started describing the holiday and how people celebrate the day; however, those words did not seem fitting, so I started over again and again. Then these words popped in my head. Spend time with those you love!

One does not need to spend a lot of money on a holiday such as today to prove how much they love their loved ones. Love is not proven with fancy trinkets and lavish jewels. Time is all one needs to show how much they truly care. Just being near the people you love with all your heart and soul should be enough to prove how much you love them.

Tonight my husband, son, and I shared a nice homecooked meal, and then we hung out in the living room while watching one of my husband's favorite movies, K-9 with James Belushi. Just being together as a family was all we needed.

Spending time together is a wonderful way of showing your loved ones that you truly care about them. Whether it's a holiday such as today or just an ordinary day, spending time with those you love will create memories that will last a lifetime!

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