Sunday, February 6, 2011

February 6, 2011


Today is The Big Game! I would type the other words; however, they are copyrighted and trademarked, so I will just call it The Big Game (football...for those of you who do not follow sports). Halfway through the fourth quarter, I looked at my husband and son and announced that the game was over. My husband yelled at me to NEVER give up hope, because there was plenty of time left in the game for our team to capture the win. Which got me to thinking about my post for today. Never give up hope!

How many of us give up right before our big break in life? There have been many times in my own life when I quit a job in which I should have kept, or I quit college when I should have kept on studying those books. Many times in life, we give up right before God is ready to give us our blessings. Sometimes, it seems easier to quit and walk away than to keep trudging up the same, steep, path. Never lose sight of your dreams and your goals. Always keep pushing forward and moving ahead.

For so many people in our country as well as other parts of the world, hope is the only thing in which these people possess. Hope is what keeps a smile on their faces each and every day. Hope gives them the realization that tomorrow may be a brighter day. When taking my husband for his chemotherapy and radiation treatments, we met many people who had one thing left in their lives, and that one thing was hope. I remember one gentlemen in particular who was diagnosed with brain cancer. He told me that the doctors gave him six months to live. However, this man was not taking the doctor's words to heart. He was believing in a Higher Power who was granting him hope every day during his struggle to beat this disease. He told me that he had hope, and he knew that he was going to win the battle. Some people may never face such a struggle in his or her life, and I pray you never have to walk that road. If you know someone who is facing a struggle in his or her life, give them hope to keep keeping on.

As for the Big Game, my team was not able to make the big win tonight; however, they played with passion and gave it their all, and there is always HOPE that they will win big next year.

Never give up hope! Sometimes, it is all we have.

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