Thursday, February 17, 2011

February 17. 2011


So many times in life we find ourselves in opposition with other people. In difficult situations, try to be the person who keeps the peace. Sometimes, it can be extremely difficult to be the person who keeps quiet or the person who walks away. However, you will probably feel a whole lot better if you choose to be the bigger person who keeps his or her cool.

Sometimes, it is easy after a confrontation to alienate yourself from the person who came against you, and in some circumstances it is probably better to stay away from that person. However, if you find that you are going to have to deal with this person in the near future either at work or at a family function, sometimes, it is better if you are the first one to make the first move at forgiveness, an apology, or trying to mend the fences.

Now, I would never recommend this if you would be putting yourself in harms way. Your first and foremost concern should be to keep yourself and your family safe, so this only works on possibly verbal confrontations never physical confrontations. I am speaking of the family, coworker, or friend verbal spat NOT physical abuse!

It can be extremely difficult to make the first move. If you are not comfortable picking up the telephone and calling the other person, maybe, you could send the person you had the argument with an email or letter through the regular mail. Sometimes, these attempts do not work, and the other person will ignore your attempts to make peace. But be assured within your own heart that you tried, and that is all that matters. If you forgave the person who hurt you, then you can move on with your life, and you can forget the confrontation ever happened. God will know that you tried to be the bigger person, and that you tried to keep the peace!

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