Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 9, 2011


Do you ever find yourself apologizing to the same person over and over again? If you are like me, there is probably at least one person in your life who you keep apologizing to; however, it is as if your words fall upon def ears. Sometimes, we apologize for things we don't even know why we are apologizing. Someone will get offended or angry at us, and we keep apologizing for something we don't even know what we did wrong. And most of the time the person we are apologizing to, will not offer up an explanation of what we did wrong. I have this funny feeling that we did nothing wrong. That is why they cannot tell us what we did wrong.

If you feel the need to apologize, then do so. However, once the words are said, written, or typed and sent in the other person's direction, let it go! Don't keep going back and apologizing over and over again. Apologize once and move on. If you have done something wrong, and you take full responsbility and own up to the situation then you do not need to do anymore. An apology should be enough for the receiver.

However, some people will never accept an apology no matter how many times you try to apologize. And whatever you do, do not apologize for something in which you have no control over. Do not be the scapegoat like I discussed in my last post. Some people like to see others miserable and unhappy, so they will refuse to hear what you have to say. Don't fall for their trap! If you need to apologize to someone, do so, then move on with your life! Do not dwell on their negativity if they choose not to accept your apology. You have done your part, so let it go!

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