Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 11, 2011


Some circumstances are easier to bear than others. Some circumstances take a while to overcome, such as my husband's healing process through his illness. Other circumstances, such as unneeded drama, should take less time to get through.

Today I am dealing with yet another of life's circumstances. The other day, I was offered a long-term subbing job, and today it was ripped out from underneath me. However, the administrators gave me a different subbing job of working with children who speak no English. The problem is I do not speak their language. I can remember some words from my language class from high school, but these memories are from over 20 years ago. So, it is very certain that I will not be able to work in this position they dealt me. It would be unfair to the students who truly need someone who speak their native language. When I got home today, I informed my supervisor to please remove me from this position.

So learn to bear the circumstances that life throws your way. Each circumstance will be easier to deal with than others.

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