Friday, March 4, 2011

March 4, 2011


Do you feel like the weight of the whole world is falling on your shoulders? Do you feel that life is so stressful at this point that you have no idea how you are going to make it through each of your days? Are you trying to be strong and courageous and refusing to show emotion by crying? Do you look at crying as a weakness? Well, my friend, I am going to tell you that it is ok to cry.

It has been a proven fact that crying relieves stress. Crying gets all your emotions out on the table. Crying does not make you a wimp or a sissy. Crying is God's reminder to us that we have feelings. Holding in stresses of all kinds is not good for you in any way including mentally, physically, and socially.

In the past year, I have done my fair share of crying and without that release, I would have been a horrible, emotional mess. Sometimes, life gets too heavy to take it all on yourself, and the only way to let go of some of those burdens is to break down and cry and then give it to God. Give God your stresses, and let Him handle your problems. Our shoulders are wide, but sometimes, not wide enough for everything life dumps on our plate.

The reason I decided to blog about crying today is because earlier today life had me crying my eyes out. My son, who is a wonderful young man, brought home his progress report from school. Now, you are probably thinking I was crying because he got bad grades, but I was crying because of the exact opposite. My 14 year old son brought home five A's and two B's! Now, this isn't what had me in tears, because he is a wonderful student and brings home good grades most of the time, but my son asked me if he could have a prize for his efforts. This is a tradition we had started with him when he first started school nearly ten years ago. I started crying because I did not have the money to buy my son a prize. I had just got done writing out three bills; two hospital bills and my student loan. This left my account nearly empty, and it brought tears to my eyes when my son asked me to grant him his prize. How on Earth did our family get to this stage in our lives? We were always well-off in the past with enough to meet our basic needs and thensome. Life happened, and it drained us of our financial means.

Without crying, one could become a complete basketcase. Please do not be afraid to cry, because crying will relieve so many stresses within your life. CRY and get the stress out!

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