Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 5, 2011


Do you ever feel like everyone (well, maybe not everyone but almost everyone) is totally against you? Do you ever feel like no matter what you do in life there are people in this world whom you will never please? Well, my friend, that last statement is true! There are people whom we will never please. It doesn't matter what you do to try to win them over to your side nothing will work with these people, and they will continue to kick you while you are already down. Don't allow these people to be a negative force in your life! Stand up for youself and defend your character! Don't be a punching bag for these energy drainers!

Some people are just naturally negative. They will only look for faults in you and others. To them, you will never be able to do anything "good," and they will pinpoint every flaw in your character. These people are also very versatile in stuffing your past down your throat after you have already forgotten about the past, because let's face it, the past is the past and is where it belongs which is in the past. Did you ever take notice how these same energy drainers have difficulty seeing their own faults? In their own eyes, they are perfect and can do no wrong. Boy Oh Boy! We all know that this cannot be true! There is no one in this world who is perfect; we all make mistakes which I talked about yesterday.

I am not quite sure why some people are natural bullies. I am not sure why some people feel the need to constantly be ridiculing the same person over and over again. For instance, when my husband was going through his healing process, I was right there with him every step of the way. However, to some, I wasn't doing enough. I was condemned for not being able to change my husband's incision bandage after his surgery, and we had to hire a nurse to come in twice a day for the first few weeks in order to change his bandages. Now, his incision was not your normal surgical incision. When the doctors removed the staples before my husband came home from the hospital, his incision opened up leaving a HUGE open wound of raw flesh. This incision was at least eight to 12 inches long, three inches wide, and three inches deep! This was not your normal flesh wound, and I will be the first to admit that I do not do well with any kind of injury. So, a nurse had to come in twice a day for the first few weeks and pack my husband's incision with strips of wet gauze and rebandage. So many people in our family condemned me and put me down for not being a good wife, because I couldn't change my husband's bandages. Some even made jokes about me not being a Florence Nightengale. These jokes truly hurt my feelings, because I truly did feel bad about not being able to help with my husband's bandages. However, what the family did not take into consideration was I was up most of the nights giving my husband his medications, and flushing out his feeding tube every four hours. They chose to look at my fautls instead of looking at what I was doing right. I was there by my husband's side every single day and night, but people still chose to use me as a punching bag. Where were these same people who chose to condemn me during my family's most difficult period? They decided to stay as far away as humanly possible. They chose not to help but chose to condemn me even though I was by my husband's side every step of the way.

One day in late August, something happened that made me open my eyes and realize I no longer wanted to be that punching bag. I was accused unjustly for something that was totally ridiculous. Instead of sitting back and taking crap from this person who was dishing it. I decided to give it right back, and I layed it on the line that I was no longer going to take the blame for stupid, petty drama.

Do yourself a favor and stop allowing other negative people to use you as their personal punching bag. Take up for yourself and defend yourself! You no longer have to take the blame for things that are not in your control. Refuse to be a punching bag and learn to defend your character!

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