Monday, March 28, 2011

March 23, 2011


How many times do people give us compliments, and we simply blow them off. I know this is what I used to do in the past until I learned that I was supposed to say thank you after someone complimented me. For some reason, I never felt comfortable receiving compliments like they were never meant for me. I believe this stemmed from years of having a low self-esteem. However, I am slowly learning that when people compliment us what they are doing is telling us what we are good at.

This happened to me today when I was substituting with a student who I had been with for six weeks before Christmas vacation. Many of this student's teachers and other aides came up to me today telling me that they were happy that I was back working with this student. They all told me how I have done such a wonderful job working with him. It was an honor and a privilege to hear them saying such nice things about me.

In the past, I would have laughed off their compliments, but I am slowly learning how to be graceful and to say "thank you" when given a compliment. I am slowly learning that this is the way people show others that they care and that they like each other. For some reason in the past, I suppose I always felt that I was unlikeable and that everyone in this world hated me. Each day I am learning that this is a false notion in which I need to rid out of my thoughts. Lots of people like me, so I just need to be more open to hearing the truth that people say about me. This can be done by actually listening to other people's positive compliments. Be accepting of people's compliments, they will brighten you day!

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