Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 13, 2011


How many tests do we face in a day's time? How many of these tests do we pass? Some days the tests start as soon as we get out of the bed in the mornings. You are walking to the bathroom when you stub your toe on the door. As you are trying to get ready for work, you drop everything from the bathroom counter onto the bathroom floor. As you are trying to make a pot of coffee, you spill the coffee grounds onto the floor. If this happened to most of us we would probably make the following comment: "It's going to be one of those days." However, if we look at these situations as tests, we might not allow such inconveniences to ruin our days. Maybe, God is trying to get us to be more patient, or maybe, He is trying to get us to not react in such negative ways when things do not go our way. If we can pass these tests, life becomes more enjoyable, and we will no longer allow petty, little inconveniences to ruin our precious time here on Earth.

Learn to look at nearly every situation you go through as a test. A few months ago, I horribly failed a test (several tests actually). I received a message from someone, and instead of simply deleting the message, I replied to it. I felt my reply was in taste and was very respectful; however, the person I was replying to had negative intentions behind the message and sent me many hurtful messages within the next several days. The last message made me extremely angry, and I replied with some not so nice words. I look back now, and I realize that I failed that test. However, I learned from my mistake, and when I received a letter in the mail from someone who was trying to test me again, I simply did not react at all. I did not call this person, I did not email this person, I simply went on with my life!

As we grow and as we become more mature, we will start passing more of the tests that we face on a daily basis. We will recognize very clearly when we fail, but we will know not to react as we have in the past. Look at each situation we face in our daily journeys as tests, and soon you will be passing every test that comes your way!

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