Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 29, 2011


A little over a month ago, I made a promise to God that I would no longer attempt to contact or communicate with certain members of my family. After 21 years of trying to get these people to like me, I finally made up my mind that I was done, and that I was walking out of their lives. In doing so, I made a promise to God that I would no longer try to talk these people into being my friend, that I would no longer communicate with these people via electronic communications for any reason; however, tonight I broke that promise to God. I contacted or tried to contact some of my family members asking them to post a picture of my niece on their facebook profiles, so that we can try to get her picture out to as many people as possible, so we can find her and bring her back home.

After contacting these people, I suddenly realized that I made a huge mistake. I broke my promise to God. I started to beat up on myself about the situation until my husband stopped me. He told me that this is a different situation. I was not contacting these people to try to win them over. I was trying to contact them because of a missing child. This was a life or death situation, and my husband reassured me that God would not be angry with me for breaking my promise in order to help a child. Do not be hard on yourself if you have to break a promise in order to help someone!

God knows that my intentions were only to help my missing niece, and He knows that I was not trying to harass any family members even if those family members chose to ignore my messages. I tried to help my niece and that is all that matters. God will forgive me for breaking my promise, but I have to be willing to forgive myself as well. I am getting better every day!

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