Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1, 2011


Do you find your mind running like a freight train every minute of every day? Do you constantly think about something during your every waking hour? Is your mind so active when you go to bed at night that it takes you hours to fall asleep because you are replaying everything that happened during the day over and over again in your mind? Maybe, you have a hard time falling to sleep because you are too busy thinking about what might go wrong tomorrow or about the list of chores you need to get accomplished tomorrow. Sometimes, our minds can be so busy that they rob of us simple joys throughout our days. Calm your mind and bring peace into your life!

One thing that makes our minds so active is worry. Worry is a thief that robs us of joy, happiness, peace, and/or our lives. My mother is a chronic worrier. I do not think I can ever remember a time that my mother was truly happy in her life. She always worries about the weather, her kids, her neighbors, what people are thinking about, what people said, etc. Lots of times, my mother will worry about issues that may have happened 20 years ago, and she will replay the situations over in her head.  

Now, I do not believe that I am a constant worrier like my mother; however, my mind used to one of those runaway freight trains which never ceased. I would constantly be thinking about something, and usually, I would be thinking about things that did not matter. Many times, I would be thinking about situations that happened in the past. I would replay the event over and over again in my mind, and most times, these thoughts would make me downright angry. I would get angry about something which no longer mattered, and I would take my anger out on my loved ones who may have not even been involved with the initial situation. Those memories would rob me of my joy that I could have been experiencing right now, but I would be too caught up in the past.

One way to calm your mind is to stop living your life in the past. Get out of the past! The past in over and done with, and there is nothing you can do to change what may have happened. All you can do is learn from the mistakes that we may have made in the past. Learn to live in the NOW, and your mind will soon become calm. If you are in the NOW, there will be no room in your mind for negative thoughts from the past. You will soon learn to appreciate each minute we are blessed with each and every day. Calm your mind and watch your world around you change!

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