Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 30, 2011


While reading the book, The Power, by Rhonda Byrne, I learned a new way of reminding myself that I am loved. Rhonda suggests that you give yourself a secret symbol that only you know that will remind you when you see it that you are loved by many in this universe. It could be anything from an animal, a plant, a rainbow, a color; anything you want it to be. My sign of love is a butterfly! Anytime I see a butterfly or a picture of a butterfly, I remind myself that I am loved! This process usually makes me smile. 

Sometimes, we forget that we are loved. Sometimes, life throws us many curve balls, and we may find ourselves thinking that not only are people against us, but the entire universe is against us. However, this type of thinking is wrong, because there are many people in this universe who love us dearly. If you do not believe me, then take a look back through your life and think about all the people who truly love you. It might be your parents, your spouse, your child, your siblings, or maybe it wasn't anyone in your family at all. Maybe,  it was a teacher who gave you extra help in school or a coach who never gave up on you. These people may not be involved in your life right now, but I bet if you ran into them in a public place that they would remember who you are. 

I know this may sound like a corny thing to do to give yourself a symbol as a sign of love in your life, but I can vouch that this exercise truly works. Every time I see a butterfly, I remind myself that there are at least two people in my life who love me with all their hearts and they are my husband and my son. Give it a try! Give yourself a secret sign and every time you see it say, "I know I am loved!" 

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