Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 24, 2011


Today is Easter Sunday! Sometimes, I find myself dreading the holidays, because my mother seems extremely impossible to get along with. She lives way too much in the past for me, she wallows in self-pity, and she expects everyone to feel sorry for her even though she has no wants for anything in life. Do you ever find yourself dreading certain events because of the people who will be in attendance? My mom is a huge energy drainer. You can be in the best of moods, but within five minutes of being in her presence, you will be pissed off, angry, and ready to throw daggers. How do I get through this day? I have to remember that God is love!

On this day many years ago, Jesus came back to life after being crucified and placed in a tomb. Jesus is the best example of how we are supposed to live our lives, and on many occasions, he told people to love one another. There just always seems to be that one person who is difficult to love. How do we get through these difficult periods?

My mother wasn't in my home today for more than two minutes, and she had me snapping at her. She was insistent about using the bathroom, but my husband was taking a shower. She insisted on using our spare bathroom; however, there was something I needed to do before she could use the second bathroom. She immediately got angry with me and started snapping at me to forget it and never mind, because I was in the middle of basting the ham, and I refused to drop what I was doing at that exact moment to tend to her needs. All she needed to do was wait one minute till I was finished, but she insisted on making a big deal. That little incident ruined the rest of the day. My mother refused to sit with the rest of the family in the living room after dinner. She hibernated in my computer room and on my deck.

Maybe, in the future, I can let Jesus be more of an example for me. I need to remember that God is love, and I need to be more patient with my very demanding mother. Even though I refuse to feel sorry for her, because she chooses to live her life the way she wants to live it; I can remember that God loves her just like he loves me. Maybe, I can learn to pray before spending time with her and ask God to provide me with a little more patience when dealing with her. I have to keep telling myself that God is Love!

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