Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 12, 2011


God has all kinds of ways to speak to us if we would just open up and become receptive to what He is trying to tell us. God has ways of using different people to speak to us, or He may use objects to speak to us. However, one must be awake in order to see the signs that God is trying to show us. For instance, when my family was traveling back and forth to the hospital last summer for my husband's radiation and chemotherapy treatments, everyday I would pass cars on the highway with Tennessee license plates. Now, some people might not think that this was anything special. We were traveling on a major highway that runs the length of the East Coast. However, we are nearly six hours away from Tennessee, and I felt it was extremely odd to see that many Tennessee license plates on a Pennsylvania highway. I seriously believe that God has been calling my family to move to Tennessee for a very long time.

God will also use different people to bring us a message that He wants us to hear. For instance, one day I might be feeling down and depressed. Then at the exact right moment, one of my Facebook friends will post an inspiring message saying how special each one of us are on this planet. The telephone might ring, and it might be your best friend calling just because you have been weighing very heavily on his or her mind. Maybe, your spouse calls you in the middle of your day just to tell you how much he or she loves you.

God has a way of lifting our spirits at the exact right moment. God speaks to us using all kinds of methods; however, we need to keep our eyes open and realize when He is trying to get our attention. God will never force us into a relationship with Him. That is why He gave us free will, but if we look for His signs and communicate with Him on a daily basis, it will become easier to know when God is trying to say something. Look for the signs, because God is speaking to you!                                                                                                                                                                      

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