Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 22, 2011


Today is Good Friday, but how many people really slow down and think about what this day is truly about. Jesus died on this day many years ago to save us all from our sins. I look back at the Bible stories about how Jesus never tried to defend himself. He allowed his enemies to crucify him for a crime he did not commit. However, he knew what he was capable of in life, during death, and after his resurrection. Jesus knew who he was! Let Jesus be an example to all of us!

How many times in life do we stumble through our days wondering who we are? Have you ever made the comment, "I am trying to find myself"? Sometimes, people spend their entire lives miserable, because they have no clue who they really are. Once you figure out that Jesus resides within you, and you are one with Him, life gets so much more enjoyable day by day.

Once we figure out who we are in Christ, we no longer have to try to prove our worth to other people who may or may not matter. We finally start to feel comfortable in our own skin. We no longer look down upon ourselves, or think that we may be less of value than our neighbor, our sibling, or anyone else we may have been competing with over the years. We recognize that we no longer have to "try" to get others to like us, because we will be able to recognize who loves us for who we already are. Jesus can be a wonderful example to us all! May He bring peace, joy, and happiness to you!

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