Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 24, 2011


How often do you take a day just to be alone with yourself? If you do take time out of your busy schedule, how do you celebrate you? Do you go to your favorite restaurant by yourself for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Do you curl up in your favorite spot whether in your backyard, in your sitting room, or on your bed with your favorite book? Do you take yourself on a much deserved shopping spree? Today, I kind of took a "me" day, and I spent it by relaxing on my lounge chair on my deck outside with a new inspirational book by Beth Moore called "Get Out of That Pit." Everyone once in a while get into the habit of treating yourself to a "me" day!

I read my book in the morning and part of the afternoon in between a few loads of laundry (so, technically today wasn't a total "me" day which I might add I never do). After I picked up my son from school, we stopped at one of the local department stores, so I could treat myself to a new pair of sandals (which I am not sure if I quite like...they might make a reappearance at the store, so I can get my money back). But nevertheless, I spent the day doing something I enjoy which is reading an inspirational book and by convincing myself not to be guilty for spending some money on a new pair of sandals.

Sometimes, we get so involved with our daily routines that we never take time for ourselves. We never pamper ourselves. Once in a while we need to go out and buy ourselves something that we have been looking at for months or even years that has been sitting on that store shelf. Joyce Meyer has a book called "Eat the Cookie and Buy the Shoes." I haven't read it yet, but I bet that it has something to do with treating yourself to something nice once in a while. Take the time to celebrate yourself, and treat yourself to a well-deserved "me" day!

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