Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 9, 2011


This sounds so easy to do, but how many of us truly accept God's love as He willingly gives it to us. Accepting God's love is a more difficult task than some might want to admit. We get so hung up on our mistakes that sometimes we can't see past them. We need to admit when we are wrong and when we have made a mistake, but then we must move forward. We need to know that God loves us regardless of the mistakes we have made. His love in unconditional, and He will never let us down. Accept God's love, because He wants us to be happy in our lives.

When we accept God's love, we are able to give others love. Some of us might have difficulty showing others love especially if we have been hurt many times in our lives. In my personal life, there have been many times when I put up barriers, because of how others mistreated me. Many times, I would find myself lashing out at others, because of the way I had been negatively treated. However, when we fully accept God's love how people hurt us in the past may no longer hold a weight over our shoulders. We many find that we no longer even think about past hurts or the people who hurt us.

Accepting God's love releases us from bondages. It releases us from obsessing about what other people think about us. As Joyce Meyer once said, "We need to be completely delivered from caring what other people think." God knows the mistakes we are going to make long before we ever make them, so try not to get so side-tracked that you fall into that pit of despair, because you got off course for a little while. Get back on course, accept God's love, so that you can be an asset in God's Kingdom and share and spread His love!

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