Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 23, 2011


How many times do we hold onto friendships that just are not working any longer? How many times do you keep investing precious time and energy into someone who is not investing the same into you? Sometimes, we grow out of our relationships. As we mature and grow-up, we suddenly realize that the elementary school friend that we have had for the past 25 years no longer shares the same values in which you have grown into. Once you  become aware that you and your friend do not edify each other any more, then you may want to go your own separate ways. Say good bye to those who may be bringing you down to a level in which you do not want to be on.

A little over a year ago, I lost my best friend of 27 years. It was a heartbreak that shattered me, and it took me several months to get over the hurt that I felt. I was devastated that this woman/girl who I had grown up with could be so vicious and mean spirited. However, she moved to a state 900 miles away from where I lived, and we were trying to hold on to a long-distance friendship. However, both of us were changing, growing, and evolving into different people, and when faced with a stressful situation, we both took opposites sides. Needless to say, this ended a life-long friendship.

After a year of learning and studying, I am no longer bitter toward my friend. I have learned how to implement the words "good bye" into my life and vocabulary. Sometimes, our friendships are only meant to last a certain period of time. I read a poem that said friendships either last for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. I look at this particular friendship as a seasonal friendship. All of our friendships are created to teach us valuable lessons, and when they end (or if they end), it is our responsibility to learn what lesson the Big Man Upstairs is trying to teach us. I believe that the lesson God wanted me to learn is to turn to Him and not other people in my times of need. People will let us down, but God will NEVER let us down. He will always be there for us! The sooner you stop holding onto a broken friendship, and the sooner you say "good bye," you will be able to find peace and move on with your life! Please do not hold on for five months like I did. As T.D. Jakes has said find the gift of good bye!

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