Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 5, 2011


Sometimes, our emotions get the better of us, and we start feeling down for no reason at all. Sometimes, we just have down days. The last couple of days have been that way for me, but I am convinced that it is due to another medical test that my husband had to have done today. The last time he had this same test done, the results were not as we had anticipated, and that was the day we learned of the tumor in my husband's stomach and esophagus. Today he will be having the same procedure, because he has been having some difficulty swallowing in the last few months. We did learn from one of my husband's doctors that regardless of the outcome of today's procedure, he will still have to have another surgery to correct a problem that resulted from his major surgery a year ago. All these worries have been weighing on my mind, plus the fact that everyone who we thought cared about us walked out of our lives in the last year and a half. I suppose I blame myself for this, because I was severely honest with people about my husband's condition thinking that brutal honesty would get them to start caring and wanting to visit my husband; however, I was extremely wrong. So in the midst of me feeling down, I have to do all I can to pick myself back up.

In order to pick myself back up and to start feeling happy again, I usually read inspirational books. Today during my husband's procedure, I read Joel Osteen's, It's Your Time. My husband and son gave me this book for Christmas, and I have been reading it for the last several months. I have been rereading some Joyce Meyer books in the past few months as well. Some of these books have been Approval Addiction and Battlefield of the Mind. I feel that I need to keep reading inspirational books on a daily basis or my mood starts to slip, and I find myself in a pit of despair. However, God does not want us to feel down. He wants us to be happy every day of our lives, because each day is a gift from God.

When you start feeling down, do what works for you to lift your spirits. Maybe taking a walk will make you feel better. Possibly taking a drive in the country will make you feel better. Watching a funny movie might be what makes your mood more cheerful. Maybe talking to a friend on the phone will help lift your spirits. If you feel yourself becoming down, don't stay that way for a very long time. Lift your spirits and get happy again.

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