Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 7, 2011


Joyce Meyer writes in her books about going around the same mountain over and over again. What that means is we keep making the same mistakes over and over again. We think we are going to get different results by doing the same things again and again. If you are tired of going around that same mountain, then make a promise to God that you are going to change your ways. I have found in my own life that this is the only way I can make a positive change in my life, and that is by promising God that I will change.

I have never been a person to make promises. I feel terrible if for some reason I cannot keep them, so I refuse to make them. However, in the past few months I have had some personal attacks brought against me by some family members, and I found myself reacting to each event the same way. I kept sending these people messages either via email or facebook trying to explain to them that their perception of me was all wrong, and I kept trying to defend myself. What I wasn't understanding was those same people were only standing back reading my messages and making fun of me behind my back and calling me crazy.

All my life, I have felt that I need to defend myself. Over the years, I have been blamed for so many things that were out of my control including my own conception. Apparently, according to my half-sister, that was my fault too, and I should have never been born. However, during the need to defend myself, I wasn't aware that I was making myself look like a fool. So, I decided a few weeks ago that I need to change. There is nothing I can ever do or say to get people to change their preconceived ideas of me. I made a drastic decision, and I promised God that I would never email or send any letters to anyone in my husband's family. I had to make a promise to God; otherwise, I would still be going around that same mountain and bothering people who clearly do not want to bothered by me.

Making a promise to God probably sounds silly to some, but it was the only thing that I could think to do that would force me to change my ways. I will never break a promise, so now if I receive any messages from anyone on my husband's side of the family, I will either hit the delete button and not reply, or I will throw the letter I receive through the mail in the trash. If you are struggling to change in a certain area of your life, but you take your promises seriously, then maybe, you want to consider making a promise to God in order to change your negative behavior. It is working for me!

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