Monday, June 13, 2011

June 12, 2011


This weekend resulted with my family spending the majority of our time outdoors. My family is such nature buffs that we love to spend as much time as possible outside during days with good weather. I love being outside and filling my lungs with fresh, crisp air. After working in the yard for the most of the day, we enjoyed the evening on our deck having dinner while the birds serenaded us. It was amazing sitting on my deck while the beautiful blue sky and big puffy white clouds looked down on us from above. There is something about being in nature that makes your Spirit come to life. The day just seems to get brighter, more cheerful, and downright better by spending it outdoors!

All my life, I have struggled with depression. It's one thing that I found myself struggling with last week; however, after spending two days outside in the sun and warm air, my Spirit became lighter and more joyful. In the Spring and Summer seasons, I look forward to spending as much time as possible outside. After long Winters of being cooped up inside with all the doors and windows shut, I look forward to throwing open the windows to let the air flow through my house, and I also look forward to sit on my back deck while reading a good book.

If you ever find yourself feeling down, you might want to think about taking a walk around your neighborhood. It might be the rejuvenation that you just need. Spend a day outdoors and see what happens on the inside of you!

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