Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22, 2011


There is something wonderful about being out in nature. It is like the Universe draws us closer to our existence. If we are having a bad day, because let's be real here and admit that we are going to have bad days, and if we step outside and breathe in the fresh air, and if we allow the sun to warm our cheeks, something good happens. It is kind of like Mother Nature gives us a big hug. Our initial problem which may be causing the bad day may not go away, but we will begin to see the beauty that life has to offer. If you are having a rough day, maybe you could step outside whether it would be in your backyard or walk to the nearest park, pull up a park bench or lounge chair, and take a power nap or an extensive nap outside while surrounded by the trees, the birds, the grass, or otherwise known as nature.

This is what I did today. I lounged by the pool for about an hour while my son swam, and I took a power nap outside while surrounded by nature. Since today started out very rocky for me, being outside has a way of calming my soul. Peace seems to embrace me while I am outdoors. I feel more at one with the world while nature envelopes me in its presence.

The next time you are having a rough day try taking a cat nap in the city park or on your back deck. Sometimes, we just need to clear our minds, and I have heard that power naps can be extremely beneficial with this task. However, next time, try taking your power nap outside while surrounded by the beautiful natural surroundings which God blessed us with!

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