Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3, 2011


There are days which are very difficult for me to get through. It has nothing to do with anything happening on this particular day in the past. It has everything to do with what has happened in the past to get my family to where we currently are in the present. My family has been dealt some low blows in the last three years, and it seems just as we start to recover from one thing "WHAM" something else takes its place. Well, the stress of these last three years sometimes get to be too much to bear, and some days I find myself hanging my head to the lower depths of the earth. I have to constantly remind myself that things (usually financially) will get better. I do know that God will bring us through all our difficult situations including the tremendous debt that my family is now in, and I know and I believe that He will bring a good job to me when it is time for me to get back to work full-time. If that is truly His will. However, today was one of those days that I had to tell myself to keep my chin up and to keep my head held high.

Life happens, and sometimes, what happens is not what we may have had in our future plans. When this happens, life sends us in a totally different direction. Today, I found myself questioning "Why" to everything that has happened to us in the last few years. Why did my back get broken at the job I loved dearly? Why as soon as I found a new job, and my family started to get back on our feet, was my husband diagnosed with stage three stomach and esophageal cancer? Why am I having such a difficult time finding a new job now that my husband is well? The questions just kept pouring out of my mind. Now, I know we are not supposed to question why things happen as they do in our lives. I understand that we are just supposed to accept that life just happens for no apparent reason. It was just one more instance why I had to keep telling myself to keep my head up today.

When life keeps throwing you curve balls, just keep your chin up and keep your head held high! There are times in our lives when we have seasons of difficulty. When life keeps handing you lemons, just pick up that chin from the floor, hold your head up high, and tell yourself that you will never surrender! Things will soon get better. As Brandon Lee said in the movie The Crow, "It can't rain every day!"

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