Monday, July 11, 2011

July 10, 2011


Life has a way of blowing us in a totally different direction than what we may be sailing. When that happens, do not fight the winds of change. Learn to recognize when the Universe is trying to tell you that you are headed in the wrong direction. It will set you on your right path if you allow it to lead you to where you are supposed to be going. Winds of change can come out of nowhere. It is up to us to allow life to guide us, or we can continue to struggle on our own. 

My family is facing some winds of change at this very moment in our lives. We will be going one direction then something will happen to set us in a totally different direction. Let me try to explain. On Friday and Saturday, my family had a yard sale in order to raise money to help pay for some of my husband's medical bills and other debts that have accumulated over the last two years. Some of the items that we sold were our dining room table and four chairs and one of our living room couches. I was getting excited, because I was going to be able to pay at least two monthly payments with the money we had earned from selling off some of our personal belongings. Well, near the end of the day, a major appliance got broken, and it will cost every penny of what we earned at our yard sale plus a few more hundred dollars that we do not have to get this broken item fixed. 

All day long I have had the feeling that the winds of change are blowing through my life! Something is telling me that I need to start selling off as many of my personal belongings as I can in order to get this debt in order. Little did I know that medical bills can be so costly. Some people do not understand that medical insurance does not pay the entire bill, and twenty percent of a major surgery is quite a bit of money to be paid back to the hospital. So, I am devising a plan (hopefully this is the direction the winds of change are leading me to) to start an online store to sell my personal items to raise money to help my family. Yes, the materialistic objects have meaning and memories, but getting out of debt is a bigger priority.

Don't be afraid of the winds of change! They just might be leading you to a better place!

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