Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22, 2011


Are you facing some difficult challenges in your life right now? Do you feel like your life is stuck in a rut, and you have no idea how to change your circumstances? Does it feel like your life is spiraling out of control, and  you don't know how to get it to stop? Well, my friend, you are in charge of your own life, so it is up to you to get control over your own life again. Do what you have to do in order to make your life better. 

Sometimes, we don't want to face reality, and we don't want to face the truth that we are the one's who can only dig our way out of the pit we may be residing in. Sometimes, it is easier to bury our heads in the sand like an ostrich rather than facing the truth. In the last several months, this is exactly what I have been doing. I have been hiding from the fact that my family is facing a very grave financial situation.

Since my husband's illness, my family has sunk into thousands of dollars of debt with medical bills and other debts that have accumulated in the last year. Instead of facing facts, I complained about our situation month in and month out. I even got very angry with my husband one evening and asked him where our family's fundraiser was to help us with our medical bills. Let me explain; some of our family members traveled 700 miles to another state to help a lady they don't even know who has cancer. Their church was hosting a fundraiser to help with this lady's medical bills, because we all know that medical insurance does not cover everything, and I got angry because these same family members never once offered to help my family with our financial shortcomings due to medical bills.

However, I started to face things about a month ago, and I finally realized that I need to be the one to take steps in order to get my family back on track. My family's financial stress is not our family's responsibility. It is our own responsibility. So, I started to sell off personal items, such as couches, knick knacks that were sitting around the house, and even my dining room set. I secured enough money through my sales to pay a few monthly bills. My husband and I even set up an eBay store; however, we have not been lucky enough to make any sales through this money making idea yet. Then the phone started to ring with job offers. Not just one job offer, but two. So, now I am wondering if the Universe (God) wants me to work two jobs in order to get my family's financial mess in order. Yes, I will be sacrificing a lot of time away from my son and husband in order to get our medical bills and other debts paid off, but this is the only way that I see the stresses finally being lifted from my husband's shoulders.

Sometimes, we may not like the reality of what we have to do in life to make our lives better, but the fact is that we are the only ones in charge of our lives. God will give us the strength, but it is up to us to take the leap. The only thing in my family's situation that I find a little ironic is throughout my husband's cancer treatments and surgery, my family finally realized what is truly important in life, and that is time with each other. Now, that my husband is well, our time will be taken away from us in order to get our lives back on track. This is a step I am realizing that I must take, and I am accepting that I need to do what I have to do in order to make my family's life better.

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