Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27, 2011


In the past year and a half, there is one thing I have learned that has changed my life. Negativity gets you nowhere in life! One must learn to be positive every single day of his or her life. Now, I know that it is extremely hard, if not darned near impossible, to remain upbeat, happy, and positive 24 hours a day seven days a week. However, even in the midst of a down day, we can still learn to look on the bright side of things. This task takes a lot of practice, and  you can get good at it if you keep trying every single day. One thing that you need to do is surround yourself with positivism!

Now, you might ask what is positivism? Well, it's simply the act of being positive, and the act of surrounding  yourself with positive people. One needs to try to rid all negativism from his or her life. You can start by ridding yourself of negative thoughts. Once you accomplish this goal, then you will be able to easily spot negative people with their own negative thoughts. You might even find that these negative people and their negative thoughts irritate you now, and you might not like being around these negative naysayers. Another aspect of your life that you may need to change is your job. If you have people around you eight hours out of the day who are whining and complaining or being downright nasty, you might want to either stay away from them as much as possible so their negative ways no longer rub off on you. However, if you cannot stay away from negative co-workers, maybe eventually your positive thoughts and actions will soon change the people at your work place. Do not be afraid to tell them that you will not allow disrespect and negativism into your life any longer.

However, sometimes there is nothing we can do to change negative situations or negative people, so sometimes, we might have to remove ourselves from the situation altogether. This is what happened to me today. I removed myself from a negative situation and a building full of negative people, and I have no intentions of ever returning. I may have burned a bridge today; however, I have no regrets for removing myself from a very hostile environment. I worked way too hard over the last year and half to allow a few negative people who hate their jobs to get in the way of my happiness. Never allow negative, miserable people to disrespect you in any way. They have no idea the road you have traveled to get to where you are today! Surround yourself with positivism and say no to the negativism!!!

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