Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1, 2011


How many times in a day do you laugh? How often do you laugh so hard that your sides hurt, or you swear that you could have peed your pants, because you were laughing so hard? We should laugh like that every day! Life is meant to be enjoyed, and what better of a way to enjoy it than having a daily, hardy laugh! Find the humor in everything; no matter how big or how small, laugh at it all!

In the past year, my family has learned to laugh at just about everything. Just tonight while we were eating out at our local Denny's, my husband had the waitresses in stitches; joking about cutting me off after two cups of coffee because I get too hyper to making light of another girl knocking over my son's drink onto the floor. When my family goes out to eat, I could just imagine what the people sitting around us might think. They are probably thinking we are total lunatics by the way we are laughing and living it up. However, what they may or may not think does not stop us! We love to laugh and have a good time, because isn't that what life is truly about....having fun and enjoying each other's company!

We have even laughed about serious accidents that have happened, such as the time my husband burnt his fingers in boiling olive oil. After my husband burnt his finger and went into shock; we rushed to the hospital. While my husband was soaking his hand (which had third degree burns on three of his fingers) in an ice water bath, my son started to laugh hysterically. My husband looked at my son and said, "Ok. Let's hear it." Without skipping a beat, my son blurted out, "Dad, I wanted chicken fingers not deep, fried human fingers!" Even though my husband was in excruciating pain, we all could not help but to laugh. 

Find a reason to laugh every, single day! Don't go through life in such a stoical manner that you are afraid to have a good time. It's ok to smile! It's ok to laugh! It's ok to enjoy each of your moments here on Earth! Life is way too short to be serious all of the time, so learn to laugh and find the humor in everything!

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